BV Workbench


BV Workbench is analysis software for image data acquired by the imaging systems (MiCAM05, MiCAM03, MiCAM ULTIMA, MiCAM02, etc.) manufactured by Brainvision. It also supports 16-bit grayscale TIFF files, and can read images and analyze data accquired by commercially available cameras.

BV Workbench
For analysis of voltage sensitive dye / calcium imaging data
Can easily create various maps such as activation map and APD map with intuitive operation
Peak detection and optimum value setting can be performed quickly with semi-automatic data analysis

Main Screen

BV Workbench

Various Maps

Various Maps

Action potential
Calcium transient
Activation time
Half rise time
Repolarization time
Half decay time
Action potential duration (APD)
Calcium transient duration (CaD)
Activation to peak time
Half rise to peak time
Peak to repolarization time
Peak to half decay time
Peak time
Peak time
Peak amplitude
Peak amplitude
Decay tau
Decay tau
Maximum upstroke velocity
Maximum upstroke velocity


Point Analysis

Line Analysis

Area Analysis

Other Functions

Various filters

Undo last filter
●Invert polarity
Reversal of image and wavelength polarity
Combine multiple pixels into one pixel
●Brightness/Illumination correction
Brightness correction/Illumination light unevenness correction
●Gaussian filter
Gaussian filter (noise removal)
●Mean filter
Mean filter (noise removal)
●Median filter
Median filter (noise removal)
●Drift removal
Correct drift of baseline
●FIR Filter
FIR temporal filter (noise removal)
●Dynamic range optimization
1Optimize dynamic range
●Normalize wave amplitude
Make maximum amplitude uniform
●Filter batch
Apply multiple filters at once
●Deinterleave frames
Divide frames of two wavelength imaging data into two data


Other functions

●Image align
Enlarge / reduce, rotate, move, and ovelay two images
Image crop
●Arithmetic operation
Calculation processing between two data
●Batch average
Manual averaging of multiple data
●Create subset
Cut a part of data and save it as another data

Data export

●Image CSV (*.csv)
●Movie (*.avi)
●Image/Map data (*.png)
●Wave CSV (*.csv)

About software

Supported data formats

Software license

In order to use BV Workbench, you need to activate using a dedicated license (charged). This license is issued on a per computer basis using a hardware ID created based on information specific to an installed computer. You cannot authenticate with a license issued for another computer. Please contact us for details on how to obtain and set the license.


The installer can be downloaded from SciMedia webpage.

Recommended specifications

Recommended system requirements
OS Windows 10 64-bit
Software .NET Framework 4.8以上
RAM 16GB or more
Graphic card NVIDIA GPU Compute Capability or more
Monitor 1,280×1,028 dot or more