Small 3D TOF Camera BV-TOF-A

Small Time of Flight 3D Camera Evaluation Lit BV-TOF-A


Brainvision has developed a new TOF-based compact camera called BV-TOF, which is specially designed for short distance measuremsnts such as 2 meters or less.

BV-TOF-A utilized a compact and light-weight design, compared with existing TOF cameras, so it can be installed in small areas. Furthermore, BV-TOF-A can work as a stand-alone distance sensor without PC connection. This allows users to integrate the camera into other equipment.


Evaluation Kit for Time-of-Flight 3D Camera

This product is an evaluation kit to be shipped for limited purposes such as prototyping and research applications. If TOF camera is applied to practical products and mass production, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Short Range Distance Measurement

Designed for short distance measurements such as 2 meters or less in indoor/outdoor applications.

Small and Lightweight

A compact (50x50x60) and light-weight (180g) design, compared with existing TOF cameras.

Multi Camera

With special software, multi cameras (up to 10 cameras) work synchronously without any interference. This allows to capture distance images from multiple points of view.

Automatic Light Intensity Control

During operation, the intensity of illumination light can be adjusted in in accordance with the proximity object, to prevent saturation by the illumination light. During operation to adjust the amount of illumination light in accordance with the proximity object , to prevent saturation by the illumination light.

Sample Movie

Brainvision Inc continued the development of TOF sensing technology for higher resistance against sunlight after the successfully completion of NEDO project.

Above movie is the evaluation result of BV-TOF outdoor in Tokyo at around 13:30 of fine weather day in September 2012. The right is IR image and the left is depth image, which were from same TOF sensor. The sun was in the field of view, but depth could be recorded. We decided to show this result because we have not seen any similar example from other developer so far. If you are interested in the further development of TOF sensing, please feel free to contact us.



Simple viewer software. Software includes this simple viewer and a SDK.

Example of Combination with Android tablet

BV-TOF-A can also work on Android tablet (software for Android is sold separately).


Product Name Small 3D TOF Camera BV-TOF-A Evaluation Kit
Product Code BV-TOF-A
Spatial Resolution 124(H) x 120(V) pixels
Fields of View 60 degrees
Frame Rate 7.5 - 60 fps
Depth Sensor Range 0.1 m - 1.5 m
Repeat Accuracy(distance) ±5mm (60cm), ±15mm (100cm)
Illumination NIR LED (Center Wavelenght: 950nm)
Interface USB 2.0
Operation Temperature +10℃ - +40℃
Power DC12V 1A
Dimension / Weight W50 x H50 x D60mm / 180g
Contents Camera, USB Cable, Power Adaptor
Product Name SDK for BV-TOF-A Evaluation Kit
Product Code BV-TOF-A-SDK
OS Windows XP、7、8 (32bit or 64bit)/ Ubuntu Linux
Software Requirement Visual C++ 2008 or later
Contents SDK, Simple Viewer Software


Dimension of BV-TOF-A