Brainvision’s technology originates at RIKEN institute. In the brain science research conducted by the president, Ichikawa, the development of an ultra high-speed imaging device (ultra high-speed camera + image processing system) that captures propagation of neuronal activity required for research is a factor. It was the catalyst for the birth of Brainvision. Brainvision was established in May 1998 with the aim of commercializing a number of ideas born during brain science research, including this ultra high speed real-time imaging device, and was certified as an official venture company of RIKEN at the same time as the company was established.

Company NameBrainvision Inc.
AddressUI-building 7th floor,
2-2 Kanda-Ogawamachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052
PresidentMichinori Ichikawa
(doctor of engineering)
Contents of BusinessResearch, develoment, manufacturing, marketing and support of electrical devices
History1998.05established as the first venture company of RIKEN Brain Science Institute
1998.08launched high-speed CCD imaging sysytem MiCAM01
2003.04launched high-speed CMOS imaging system MiCAM ULTIMA
2004.03launched high-speed CCD imaging system MiCAM02
2005.05launched high-speed CMOS imaging system MiCAM ULTIMA-L (High-sensitivity version)
2005.10the "Scientific Instruments Association Osaka" prize at the 4th Japanese Bio Venture Grand Prize
2005.12A theme which Stanley Electric Co., Ltd and Brainvision proposed was adopted as NEDO research project for developing semiconductor application chip. Brainvision started to develop new CMOS imaging sensor
2006.01set up a laboratory at Kanda-ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku.
starts development of new CMOS imaging sensors
2008.11Brainvision was selected as a trustee company by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) for feasibility study of development of
speedy and easy way to assess food allergy
2009.12launched evaluation kit for TOF (Time of Flight) camera, named TOFCam Stanley
2011.08Cancellation request for RIKEN venture certification was approved at RIKEN board of directors. It was the first developmental decertification as a RIKEN venture
2013.06released the small distance image sensor evaluation kit BV-TOF-A
2015.03launched a multifunction high-speed imaging system MiCAM05
2017.11launched a high-speed imaging system MiCAM03
2018.05held a celebration of the 20th anniversary of establishment
2021.01developed ultra-sensitive, high-resolution camera head C35 / C35IR equipped with a large 35mm full-size CMOS sensor